As a senior national security executive, the crush of urgent, short-term events often crowded out important, longer-term issues.  My relationship with my staff was positive, fast-paced, often transactional, and rarely as deep as I would have preferred.  I was present enough to see excellent people who needed something more from me, but getting beyond well-received group activities to individually-tailored interactions with each member of my team seemed a bridge too far.

Then I was given the privilege of working though the BehaviorTuner program.  With the help of an insightful coach who was with me on every step of the journey, I learned that the elements of a behavioral model that was both comprehensive and tangible—without oversimplifying the complexities of human interactions, it gave me real-word tools to understand, and grow, the relationships that matter most.

Having worked through the program with three of my most valued colleagues, I learned what was important to them in our relationship.  I also began to develop a feel for how to apply this model and these thoughtful techniques more broadly and more enduringly.  I believe I have internalized these lessons to the point where they are now a part of my leadership approach—an approach that is now more individual-focused and more effective.  The BehaviorTuner process was the single most helpful training of my professional life, and I recommend it to any executive who wants to achieve the self-awareness that is the hallmark of a true leader.

– T.W., Senior National Security Executive, U.S. Department of Defense (January 2021)